St. Leonard's Parish Church

Flamstead's parish church is dedicated to Saint Leonard, a somewhat obscure sixth century monk from Noblat. Although the tower the pillars, the aisles and half the chapel are twelfth-thirteenth century, it is believed that the site is that of a ninth century Saxon chapel. The cancel was extended and the sacristy built in about 1350 and a century later a clerestory was added to the nave, the tower was hightened to match and the two porches were built, all probably at the expense of the Earls of Warwick, who were then lords of the manor. The rood screen was installed at about the same time, but the figures above were the gift of Sir Edgar Saunders Sebright in 1909. The visitor should particularly note the medieval wall paintings in the nave and north aisle, the Elizabethan graffiti on the pillars, the Saunders memorial in the south aisle and the Sebright memorial in the chancel.
Fr. John Green
The Vicarage,
50 Trowley Hill Road
Flamstead, AL3 8EE
Tel. (01582) 842040
CHURCHWARDEN: John Fountain, 14 Hiogh Street 840004
CHURCHWARDEN: Jeremy Riley 077771 665951
HON. TREASURER: Kate Taunton, 48 Long Meadow, Markyate 842066
DEPUTY WARDEN:Gill Chambers 19 High St., Flamstead 842066
HEAD SERVER: Jeremy Riley, 077771 665951

A view down the main aisle of the church showing the rood screen with the carved figures above
(see image below).

Main altar with large stained glass window behind.
For arrangements about Banns of Marriage, Weddings and Baptisms, please contact Revd. John Green. Also, please let him know about parishioners who are ill, or who might like a visit from him. He will also be pleased to arrange Holy Communion for the household. Confessions by appointment.
8.00am Said Eucharist
11.00am Parish Eucharist
(2nd Sunday: Family Service followed by said BCP Holy Communion)
6.30pm BCP Evensong (1st Sunday)
The PCC has decided to take this step so that we can better respond to the changes we have been experiencing in availability of clergy. Any comments to the Vicarage please (842040)

Carved wooden figures from Oberamagau that were donated by Sir Edgar saunders.

Small stained glass window on the south facing side of the church, next to the Sebright memorial.

Medieval wall paintings in the church. click the images for a larger more detailed view.

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