Do you know you are being Neighbourhood Watched! - Neighbourhood Watch Update - Nov 2001
Following a request from the Parish Council members of the Flamstead community led by Michael Clarke the Flamstead Neighbourhood Watch Co-ordinator have formed a successful Neighbourhood Watch with twenty two street co-ordinators. This means that all of the five hundred homes in the village are covered. Flamstead is now the largest watch in the Dacorum Neighbourhood Watch area with over two hundred active members.
What does Neighbourhood Watch mean? It is people doing what probably used to happen naturally and in some cases probably still does. Looking out for neighbours and people who live nearby and being aware of what should be going on and recognising when something is out of the ordinary, reporting incidents to the police as soon as possible.
Neighbourhood Watch also helps to prevent crime and the fear of crime by letting people know what they can do to make their property more secure and to guard against being victimís of crime. There are also signs to put off criminals. Neighbourhood Watch signs have been put up around Flamstead to inform would be offenders that we are an active Neighbourhood Watch village.
Recently Flamstead has seen a number of incidents, thought to be caused by young people who live in the village. An elderly person from the village has been the target of Ďknock and runí on their front door. In addition, the bus shelter roof has been burnt down. Sheep in a field off Trowely Hill Road were terrorised and on a separate occasion in the same field, feed was thrown around and a feed container thrown on to a stable roof.
We all know idle minds & boredom can lead to mischief. Parents, do you always know what your children are up to? Criminal damage and petty crime can soon lead to a more serious offence. Do these young people really understand where they could end up, tagging and home detention curfew next perhaps?
Two burglaries also took place in June. One in Chequers Hill and the second in River Hill. Crime reports have been filed in respect of both incidents by the Hemel Hempstead Police. Two cars had windows broken in Holly Bush Lane. When a Flamstead person tackled three young men, they make a hasty get away in a car. The police believe they originated from Luton.
If you see something suspicious or a crime taking place, please donít hesitate ring Hemel Hempstead Police Station at once on 01442 271000.
To contact Michael Clark, Area Neighbourhood Watch Co-ordinator ring 01582 840279 or Liz Stringer, Deputy Neighbourhood Watch Co-ordinator on 01582 840360
The re-launch of the Flamstead Neighbourhood Watch was planned for the evening of Thursday 7 December. It was also one of the wettest and windiest nights that we have had in what has been a very wet autumn. So it was very pleasing to see nearly 60 people attending the re-launch meeting on such a dreadful night.
The meeting was opened and every one was welcomed by Mike Lacy and Peter Milson, who form the "Crime" sub committee on Flamstead Parish Council. They then turned the meeting over to Phil Anslow, the Community safety / Neighbourhood Watch Support Officer and Chris Owen, our Community Police Officer, who described how a Neighbourhood Watch Scheme could operate in Flamstead.
After a question and answer session, the meeting agreed that a scheme that involved the whole village, rather than a road to road Scheme, was the one that most people wanted. Phil Anslow said that this type of scheme needed a co-ordinator and a number of representatives who would cover the various areas within Flamstead, Trowley Bottom and Old Watling St.
About 16 people, from various parts of the village volunteered to be area representatives and subsequently Michael Clark of L'Horizon, HollyBush Lane agreed to be the Flamstead Co-ordinator. Michael has recently moved from Harpenden to Flamstead, he is retired and was a District Councillor, for Harpenden East, on St Albans District Council.
As the meeting wanted a scheme for the whole village and as there was a quorum of Parish Councillors at the meeting, the Parish Council agreed to pay for the Neighbourhood Watch signs that will go on all the roads that lead into the village.
To get the scheme going, Michael is planning to meet with all the area representatives to:
  • Make sure that all the houses within the main village, Trowley Bottom and Old Watling Street are covered.
  • To work out the procedures for operating the scheme.
  • Decide upon the exact location for all the signs.
As soon as this is done he will let the parishioners know.
  • Who are the area representatives
  • What areas they cover.
Hopefully this will be done in the next few weeks.

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