Flamstead villagers express concern about Luton Airport expansion
A public meeting was held in the village hall on the 11th November 2002 on the proposed expansion of Luton Airport in the recently issued Consultation Document from the Government.
The meeting was extremely well attended by a large number of villagers and a presentation was made by the Environmental Office of Hertfordshire County Council. This showed that expansion of Luton Airport by the addition of another runway or a replacement runway would significantly increase the level of air traffic at Luton Airport and increase the level of noise over the village, to say nothing of the increases of traffic on the nearby M1.
From the following discussion it is apparent that people are concerned about the impact that this proposed expansion will have on virtually every aspect of their lives. It was recognised that Luton Airport had some benefits, bringing work to the area as well as offering low cost flights to many parts of Europe. It was however felt that the changes needed to the local infrastructure to support the proposal were a) not being fully and properly evaluated by the government and b) unsustainable by the infrastructure in Luton and the surrounding area.
Copies of the Government White Paper were on hand for people to take away, read and evaluate as well as forms for people to fill in and send to the relevant authorities to express their views.
Internet Sites with more details:
The following map comes from the LADACAN Web site and shows how Flamstead could be affected

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