Nov 2001
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This month's mag also included an update on the Neighbourhood watch scheme, which can be found here.
Considerable concern was expressed when P.C. Roberts confirmed that there would be no replacement for Pc Hobden and that she now has the largest area to cover in the new joint Watford and Dacorum division. We are following up our previous letter and complaint on two counts: One that installation of a radio mast will not be furthered. What is the point if we cannot have a local telecommunications. Secondly, we pay our rates for police for cover that has been continually reduced. We want that money to go towards paying for our own policeman and the additional cost to employ such a person will be sought from our village precept subject to Parish approval. The neighbourhood Watch group will undertake to keep a lookout for the elderly of the Parish, reporting on those people who may need some help.
The Youth Parish Council urgently need several more new teenagers to ensure that the Youth tell us what they need and to further the good work already done by those few stalwarts, such as Eleanor Reyland, Ben Thomas, Helen and David Oswin.
Only one Parishioner has written to me on this subject. Do you want a street party and where? do you want an extension of an existing function such as the village Fayre? Please TELL US
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Pre-School News
Well, we are rapidly getting involved in Preparations for Christmas at the pre-school. We have planned a Christmas outing, and starting to think about our nativity play and are deeply involved in the organisation of our CHRISTMAS BAZAAR on NOVEMBER 24th – WATCH OUT AROUND THE VILLAGE FOR POSTERS !!!!
Get your 2 and 3 year-olds starting at the Pre-school now and give yourself some free time in the run up to Christmas (you’ll be amazed how many home-made decorations a small child can produce in a 3 hour. Period at the village hall !!!)
If anyone wants to find out more about the Pre-school then ring Karen (840999) or Shelly(894661) or pop into the village hall on Monday to Thursday 9-11.55 am
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The TENTH ANNUAL MEETING of the Care Group will take place on Monday, 26th November, 2001 in the Baptist Hall, Buckwood road in Markyate, starting at 8.00pm. followed by the usual tea and biscuits and a chat!
Please do come along and support us and if you know anyone who might like to help in any way, get them to come to the meeting to find out what it is all about.
Can we remind everyone that the Community Vehicle is available to take parties to social events, places of interest etc. It needs someone to gather a group of like-minded people with a suggestion of somewhere to visit and then contact Mrs. Whiley for available dates and a possible driver. The vehicle seats 12 as well as the driver and is already being used by groups to do just this and everyone seems to enjoy the trips and the company. Perhaps some might like to go to a local theatre – there are many possibilities.
Do give it some thought and perhaps contact Mrs Whiley on 841324 or Mrs Kent on 840605 for more information
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September’s meeting began with Mrs Marion Thomas who was going to demonstrate Cooking With a Wok. Mrs Thomas alternated cooked wok dishes with desserts and in the time allowed cooked an amazing number of dishes that we were allowed to taste. We each had a prepared booklet to enable us to try the dishes ourselves. An excellent demonstration.
Next came refreshments with more tempting recipes prepared by members, followed by our usual business, with dates for the group meeting at Kingsbury and the Annual General Meeting at Broxbourne.
The competition for a table decoration was won by LORNA FOUNTAIN. The amount raised for A.C.W.W. was £2.
October’s meeting began with the presentation of Birthday Buttonholes to AUDREY MERITT. After the minutes we were reminded that the next meeting is our Annual Meeting where President and Committee are up for re-election.
President DELIA RAMAGE then introduced Mrs GILL BOMBER who was going to give us some Advice Through The Ages. Gill had many Victorian books to refer to on display. We soon found that some advice was still relevant today whilst other pieces were totally out of date. Following the Vote of Thanks given by Delia Rammage, we were able to browse and see for ourselves the incredible detail in all the books.
Refreshments were provided by AVRIL TUCKER and JOYCE CLARK. The Raffle was won by CAROL PUTMAN and the competition of Words of Wisdom was won by DERYN BOURNE with ANN BISSON second and Delia Rammage third. £3.60 was raised for the A.C.W.W. The next meeting is the Annual Meeting on November 8th The Competition being “A Winter Bloom”
Julie Scurfield
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A few words from Pc Sarah Roberts
Many Flamstead residents will be aware that since Andy Vince left, two officers have come and gone in quite a short space of time. Pc Hobden has retired to Hemel Hempstead, and due to an overall shortage of officers and fairly major reorganisation of resources within the division, a decision has been made not to replace him. This is not a final decision, but it will be some months before consideration can be given to placing a second officer in Watling Ward.
In the meantime I am the officer for the whole of Watling Ward, assisted by a rural support officer and my colleagues at Hemel Hempstead,. Many of you know me or of me, already and I am looking forward to meeting other residents of Flamstead.
I would like to reassure you that all calls to the police for help and assistance will be responded to, and I can still be contacted on 840398 for more routine matters or advice.
There is nothing to report for the village this month as far as crime is concerned.
Please remain vigilant and report any suspicious activity.
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Many of the current members were also founder members and still enjoy the friendly games on a Tuesday evening as well as the social activities that the club organises. The club is open to all adults aged 18 years and over and meets in the Village Hall each Tuesday from 8.15pm to 10.45pm.
The club has changed slightly over the years and whilst Tuesday is the social evening with friendly games, the club now has 3 teams all playing in Division 2 of the Hemel Hempstead League for those who enjoy competitive games.
The club welcomes all new members so why not call in one Tuesday to try it out. Ability is not a bar as many of those who attend had either not played before or had not picked up a bat since their schooldays. A small fee of £2 is charged to cover costs and refreshments.
Junior Table Tennis.
For those aged 11-17 who are not able to join the table tennis club but who would like to play or learn to play there is a fortnightly meeting at the Village Hall held on a Friday from 7.30pm to 9.30pm. The season started on 19 October and the dates for the period up to Christmas are 2nd, 16th, 30th November, 7th and 14th December. The fee to cover costs is £1. All youngsters in the village aged 11-17 are welcome.
For further information about the club please telephone Jack on 840121 or Lorraine on 840101. For junior table tennis please telephone Jack.
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For the fifth year running local environmental charity Groundwork Hertfordshire is providing grants for community environmental projects in urban areas of the county. With support from the Department of Transport, Local Government and the Regions and Thames Water Company, Groundwork Hertfordshire will be able to give grants up to £1,000 for suitable projects The projects supported must aim to make people more aware of environmental issues and encourage participation in environmental projects.
Suitable projects are likely to include those that promote waste reduction or energy efficiency, projects to raise awareness of environmental issues including art and drama, projects which promote practical environmental activity and projects to promote practical environmental activity and projects to promote sustainable living.
A limited number of grants are available and prospective applicants must be able to identify a proportion of match funding, which can include volunteer time. The closing date for application is Friday 9 November. For further information and application form contact Geoff Bunce at Groundwork Hertfordshire, Mill Green, Hatfield Herts AL9 5PE or telephone 01707 260129.
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This is a delicious alcoholic sweet sauce to serve with Christmas pudding, sponge puddings or anything needing a hot sauce. Personally, I prefer it to brandy butter, but the rest of my family has both!
2oz. Caster sugar
5 fl. oz. Water
A small lemon
A small orange
1 ½ oz.. butter (unsalted if possible)
1 teaspoon flour
2 tablespoons brandy
4 tablespoons white wine
4 tablespoons rum (I prefer golden Barbados rum to dark navy rum)
Using a potato peeler, take off the outside rind of half the lemon and half the orange. You only want the outside coloured rind, not any white pith, which is bitter. Squeeze the juice of half the orange and rather less of the orange juice. Strain this juice into the brandy, white wine and rum, and keep on one side.
Pop the strips of rind into a small saucepan, along with the water and the caster sugar. Put it on a gentle heat to dissolve the sugar, then cover the pan and simmer gently for 15 to 20 minutes to flavour the syrup. Strain out the rinds.
Knead the butter and the flour together to make a paste. It works in quite easily by using a small knife and plate.
[you can make it ahead up to this point.]
Have the syrup hot in the saucepan with a wooden spoon ready. Using the knife, add the butter and flour mixture in small pieces to the hot syrup. Bring to the boil, stirring all the time with the wooden spoon, to thicken it.
Now stir in the mixture of brandy, white wine, rum and fruit juice, reheat gently, but don’t boil this after the alcohol is added. Serve very hot.
Eliza Acton 1847
Marian Pochin
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November Reflections
Well, the summer is truly over by now. The central heating has been turned up a little, and thoughts of a flickering fire in the grate and the shortening days remind us that winter cannot be far away. Outside on the lawn two very fat squirrels are scuttling across the lawn -whenever I go out – carrying acorns from under the oak tree and burying them whenever and wherever they can find a place, making provision for a time when food will be short and the days even shorter. I can see another crop of young oak tree seedlings coming up in the most unlikely places again next year.
The cycle of a New Year has started again – as though it ever stopped!
But what are we doing, in our own lives to prepare for the coming winter? We may not have to worry about food for the stomach – thank God, but how about those other sustenance’s that we all need? What food for thought are we gathering in? How about reading a new book or even re-reading an old one – maybe even something on the Scriptures. Or what about looking again at our musical tastes – that great pile of discs or tapes or records that have somehow accumulated in the house. Then there are our relationships – our friendships and members of our family and congregation, whole areas where we could be ‘gathering in fruits of experience and renewal that are so often there in this world.
We could do these things much more easily and meaningfully if we do them together - as a Christian community – sharing our enthusiasms, yes and even our differences. Our community is a God given opportunity to share the whole of our lives. I fully realise that many of you are already doing a great deal of caring and sharing as part of your Christian commitment in the village, but now is the time when extra efforts could easily result in a church growing in witness and outreach to the world. So what about the idea of some extra involvement in say the worship or the beauty of our services? Fr. John Green and myself will gladly consider any ideas you may have.
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