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Some of you may be aware that there is a small team working to restore various items in the Church. The first project is to restore a most beautiful high altar frontal originally donated to St. Leonard’s in the 1920’s. Meg Andrews, an expert in conservation from Harpenden, has advised us that the background fabric is beyond repair, and she is searching for suitable fabric so that we may conserve the wonderful embroidered flower motives by mounting them on to new fabric, and so prolonging the life of this frontal for another 80 years!
This will involve some expense. Part of the work we can do, but part needs to be sewn by experts, and then there is the price of the new fabric.
If you feel you would like to help by making a donation, perhaps in memory of a loved one, please contact Father John Green.
There are other projects in hand-new containers for the wine & water, a purple set of vestments that fit Fr, John! – we do need help – if you’re good with a needle now’s the time!
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Flamstead Gardens
Annual General Meeting 2002
Wednesday 13 February at 8.00 pm
Flamstead Sports and Social Club
We welcome all Flamstead parishioners and other members of the FGA to this year’s AGM. The evening will start with a business meeting. We are particularly keen to get the views of the village on further development of the Front of House competition, which we have been running with financial support from the Parish Council for nearly 10 years.
After the business meeting, Steve McCurdy will talk about trees and gardening. For those of you who do not recognise Steve’s name, he has been industriously spending the last 6 months converting the derelict land at the bottom of Chequers Hill (adjacent to the A5) into a mature tree nursery.
He has a lot of experience of using trees in landscape gardening, and we are sure his talk will be well worth hearing.
Peter Lutman (for the FGA)
A SPECIAL THANK YOU from Flamstead Sports Association, who would like to thank H.M.C. Builders for their generous donation towards the pensioners Christmas Party held on Wednesday 12th December 2001. [photos]
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Route: 208
Fares Structure
To Hemel Hempstead(Bus Pass)
From: Full Fare: Half Fare
Trowley Bottom & £2.00 (Single) £1.00 (Single)
Flamstead/Markyate £3.00 (Return) £1.50 (Return)
Dates for 2002
Alternate Thursdays
January 10 & 24
February 07 & 21
March 07 & 21
April 04 & 18
May 02 & 16 & 30
June 13 & 27
July 11 & 25
August 08 & 22
September 05 & 19
October 03 & 17 & 31
November 14 & 28
December 12

Alternate Thursdays
(No Service Christmas / New Year Period & Public Holidays)
Trowley Bottom / Markyate / Potten End / Apsley (Manor Estate) – Hemel Hempstead
Trowley Bottom (Rose & Crown) 09.40
Flamstead (Hollybush Lane) 0943
Markyate (Plume of Feathers) 0948
Markyate (High Street, Fire Stn.) 0950
Markyate (Cavandissh Rd.) 0955
Markyate (Parkfield Road) 1000
Hemel Hempstead Bus Station (Waterhouse Street) 1020
Hemel Hempstead Bus Station (Waterhouse Street) 1230
Markyate (Parkfield Road) 1250
Markyate (Cavendish Rd.) 12.55
Markyate (High Street.) 1300
Markyate (Plume of Feathers 1302
Flamstead (Hollybush lane) 1307
Trowley Bottom (Rose & Crown) 1310
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The meeting opened as usual with Jerusalem. President DELIA RAMAGE presented Birthday Buttonholes to JEANNE Randall and LINDA VINCENT (July) and Mary King and Beryl Wright (September). Details of the amount raised at the Village Fayre were given which is to be used to finance the new tablecloth. Delia then gave us the sad news that MARGARET KILBY had recently died. Margaret had been a member of W.I. for many years moving from Markyate W.I. on its closure, to Flamstead some years ago. We were told that Judges had been in the village judging the Village of the Year Contest. A great deal goes on in the village with various organisations. Children are very well catered for.
Delia gave out information on the next Group Meeting in October and read out a card she had received from Denise Woods who had recently left the area. MARION POCHIN and BRENDA RANDALL had attended a Speakers Day and returned with lots of names for future speakers.
Delia then introduced MRS SONIA WATERTON with Housekeeping In The Dark. This was Sonia’s second visit to us. She explained that after an illness she became blind having had perfect sight until then. Returning home to her family – her husband and two daughters aged 15 and 12 years, she was determined to live a normal life as possible. In the kitchen rubber gloves were dispensed with as her hands became her eyes to check cleanliness. As she had to know where everything was only she could put them away in a certain order. There were quite dramatic changes with cooking- the chip pan was out! oven chips came in useful. Sonia gave us many anecdotes of disasters that had to be overcome. Imagination and resourcefulness were the order of the day. Sonia showed us some of the gadgets that are invaluable to her such as an adapted Dictaphone [useful for recipes, knitting patterns and shopping lists], an apron with large pockets, this acts as an extra pair of hands. Sonia also has a machine that makes talking labels. Marion Pochin gave the vote of thanks for a fascinating talk.
The Raffle for a set of glasses was won by Jane Lutman. The Competition of an unusual kitchen gadget was won by MARION POCHIN with a mould for making fondant icing shapes. Second was MARGARET WATSON and Third was MADELINE EVANS with a cucumber peeler. £2.61 was raised for the A.C.W.W.
At next month’s meeting on September 13th the speaker is Mrs MARION THOMAS on Cooking with a Wok. The competition is A Table Decoration.

Julie Scurfield
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Father John Writes.....
The event that we call New Year falls in the middle of the Twelve days of Christmas, bang in the middle between Christmas Day and the Wise Men, Epiphany. New Year’s Day is a feast in the Church’s calendar – the Naming of Jesus. We can celebrate that in whatever way we feel appropriate. Jesus means God Saves. An important thing to remember as we start a new Twelve months, isn’t it?
My office is a disaster area, and the daughter of one of our parishioners has volunteered to sort it out for me. That is what I call a good New Year.
Mums and Toddlers
It seems to me that we need to start a Mums and Toddlers group, to meet in the vicarage once a week or once a fortnight. We could have a simple format, time to meet, chat, have a drink of tea or coffee or squash, play, say a prayer. Is this a good idea? Please contact me if interested.
Good Companions
I know many of you regret the ending of the Good Companions group, which used to run in the Village Hall and have outings. I wonder if we should start a group to meet at the Vicarage, where we could sit and chat, have tea or coffee once a week perhaps. Again, if there is anyone who thinks this is a good idea, can they contact me?
Study Group
We need to be thinking about Lent Study Groups. In your prayers, please think about the needs of our parish, so that we may find the right book or books to study in Lent, which starts on 13th February. There is a good course by the Archbishop of York, Dr. David Hope, which looks at aspects of the Christian life. Perhaps that would suit us.
Lent Compline
Shall we have Compline on Wednesday evenings in Lent? Perhaps we could combine the study group with Compline. So let us start praying and planning. Ideas, please.
Parish Outing
Where shall we go for a spring outing?
Plough Blessing
Fr. George will bless the plough at the beginning of the Parish Eucharist on 13th January and followed by FAMILY WORSHIP at 11am.
This coming year is full of promise, full of challenges. God Bless you all and give you all a very prosperous 2002.
Fr. John
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With the problem of under staffing in the force, we must look to other alternatives to getting back foot patrols in the village. There are three alternatives, a Warden with special authority, special constables, or patrols from a security company. Each has a cost associated with it, are you as rate payers ready for an increase in your local rate? Budgets have to be finalised in January for the 2002/3 period, so we await with interest your comments if any!
As a result of lack of support the Youth Parish Council will be terminated in the New Year.
Even with this bad news, we have not given up on the Youth of this Parish, as we are going to give cups and awards for outstanding achievements each year. The youth groups, such as Guides, Cubs etc, are being advised. If we miss your activity, please contact the Clerk.
We are still the best in Hertfordshire, the nation must wait.
Planning for next year means that if we are to go further in the competition than we did this year we need to have new projects on the following headings:- Community Life, Youth, Business, Environment, & Older People.
We have a smashing village and excellent people; convincing the rest of England & Wales is a little more difficult than against our neighbours in Hertfordshire.
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