August 2000
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August is the month when many of our minds turn to holidays -to a welcome time of rest and relaxation from our everyday routines. A time for new faces and a change of scenery, new food, new routines. This subject of change, is also something we leave behind us when we go.
Here in the village and in the church changes are going on. We are taking of our leave of Revd. Michael Crow and David Kerr and their families. I am sure I speak on behalf of all the congregation when I thank them all for the parts they have played in the bringing their own particular gifts to the life of the church community.
The new All Age Worship -now to be called more appropriately Family Worship is growing, but we are in need of yet more families to commit themselves to actively taking part and produce a service that you want.
New and growing things too in the Churchyard with the new gates, beautifully constructed by Ron Harris. Our sincere thanks go to him and the Parish Council.
After unavoidable long delays the repair to the flint walls of the churchyard are now complete and are a credit to the builders concerned. Our thanks go to them and to those who gave grants to help pay for this work.
There's the now completed church tower for which we are hoping to organise a service of thanksgiving in the near future. A number of comments have been made about the west door of the church which has been treated with lime and freshly painted. We are assured by the Architect, that this is standard practice for the preservation of old oak wood and will soon 'weather down'.
So many changes, and what about the future. Most of you will know we are now in a period of vacancy, when the minds of the P.C.C. and churchwardens are turned towards deciding who will be the new priest-in-charge. It will definitely be a man, who will jointly have charge of Markyate, and will probably reside in Flamstead Vicarage. There have already been meetings with the Bishop, the Archdeacon and Rural Dean, as well as with our Markyate neighbours to see a way forward for both parishes. In all these changes I hope you will remember and pray for those who will be involved. At a recent meeting it has been decided that until our new priest does arrive -probably sometime in 2001, I have been given charge in looking after the day to day affairs of the Parish in close co-operation with the churchwardens. I shall be available in church after the 10arn service on Friday mornings and as always by phone on 841648.
Fr. George
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June has been a particular1y busy month with 17 crimes reported in the Flamstead area. The A5 corridor, which includes petrol stations and the hotels, accounts for 7 crimes: again drive-offs feature highly but there have also been thefts from and damage to cars.
Of the remaining 10 crimes within the village 5 have been thefts of motor vehicles. One farn in the area also had its outbuildings entered and property stolen. The most common forms of property stolen are small power drills; these can be protected by using an ultra violet kit available from most retail outlets.
To be aware: a laser scanned counterfeit £5 note was found in Markyate. The quality of the note was very poor and easy to detect so please check your money!
Remember, it is easy to prevent crime. If you see anything suspicious contact your local police station on: 01442271000.
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End of Term at J.M.I.
In school we spend months thinking that the summer holidays will never arrive but when they do we are rarely prepared and this year was no exception. The week beginning 3rd July dawned cloudy and dull but this did not spoil the children in KS1 enjoying a visit by Booster Cushion Theatre. By the evening the weather had improved and parents enjoyed our annual Open Evening where each class mounted a splendid display.
We were worried, the next day that the weather would be poor for our Sports day and Family Fun Evening. In the event the sun shone and everyone had a fantastic time. The evening ended with Mrs Clarke releasing 500 balloons in our "Balloon Race". To date we have heard that some balloons have travelled as far as Belgium, Holland and Germany!
On Wednesday 12th, K32 put on their annual Theatrical production with Oak class performing songs from World War 2 and Rowan Class staging an adaptation of "Fantastic Mr Fox.”
The School Hall was packed and both productions were well received with parents joining in a sing-song at the end.
During the term the children in Rowan class have played various rounders matches and have done extremely well, This culminated in their winning their league and coming third in a District Rounders Tournament.
At the end of this term we will be saying "Goodbye" to Mrs Demontoux and Mrs Clarke and we would like to take this opportunity in thanking them for making the school the success it has become. We would especially like to thank Judy Clarke. She will be missed by staff, pupils and parents for her enthusiasm, thoughtfulness and total dedication to the school. Thank you Judy. We wish you all a happy, sunny holiday.
Ray Bates
Assistant Head Teacher.
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Highlights Parish Council Meeting July 3rd
Parishioners are welcome to all parish council meetings and will be allowed 3 minutes of speaking time to make their views known on a specific subject. Councillors can be asked to speak on behalf of an individual or group. A web site on the Internet is being set up, a further opportunity to fmd out more about the Parish Council. The members' details will be there along with facilities that are available through the organisation.
At every meeting there will be an update of all the committees, along with the long-term goal review.
Many thanks to Lorraine, Peter and Colin for all the work put into this project. The second round presentations were done on the 6th July and the judges were shown the School, Church, Village Hall and Jacks Dell, the Delmerend/Chequers garden and the Moor. Thanks should also go to all the people that helped to make the village look at its best, and particularly to Dennis Ledbury for opening up Jack's Dell. We now have to wait till September for the outcome and result of the Village Competition.
We are working on a ten year plan for the Moor; next, Jack's Dell needs sorting out -has squatters rights been established by the adjacent land owner? In our original survey trees were the most popular Millennium request, so we have several locations where we will be planting later in the year. Guess what we need -volunteers to help with preparation and November planting. Contact me on 842778, the more the merrier.
The Fayre went very well, except for our British weather. The Council funded insurance, and should there be a short fall a contribution will be made to minimise it.
With the closing of the police house in Hollybush Lane and Markyate, we are seeking approval from all concerned that an office be instituted at the village hall to ensure local policing for the village.
Next P.C. meeting September 4th at the Village Hall.
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Flamstead and Trowley WI July Meeting
The meeting opened with the singing of Jerusalem dedicated to the memory of GRACE ASHWOOD, a long standing member, who had died the previous week. Birthday Buttonholes for July and August were presented to Jeanie Randall, Enid Sims, and Suzi Deely. Delia Ramage welcomed a number of visitors to the meeting and hoped they would enjoy the evening. We were shown an acknowledgement from the House of Commons of the petition we had signed at the May meeting regarding Rural Post Office Closures.
The October group meeting was discussed with particular emphasis on the items required for the competition - we are aiming to win the Pudding Stone Trophy for our W.I.
The business completed Mrs Delia Ramage then introduced our speaker - HELEN FRIEMAN of REID CRAFTS. She told us a 1ittle of herself first, that she had always been artistic but chose to be a policewoman for nineteen years, retiring after being injured in the line of duty and decided to take up craft for a living, making items to sell in her shop 'OFF THE WALL' in Hemel Hempstead OLD TOWN. She also helps with a handicapped group in London. She commented that we had all probably done DECOUPAGE, the craft she was to demonstrate. at some time in our lives and asked us if we had ever made a scrapbook, which we all had. It became popular in 1800 and started as Black and white cut outs. Its popularity increased with the Victorian age becoming coloured, more detailed, embossed, romantic and often bizarre. Many designs came from Germany. Families would work together in the evenings and work at Decoupage, with no radio or television to distract them and all ages could join in. Helen had prepared an earthenware pot with several coats of acrylic water based paint and began the by painting a gold rim and base and giving the pot a slightly 'distressed' look before adding a cut out flower decoration and finally varnishing the pot to seal it.
One of her many tips was the more coats put on the better the finish. She also demonstrated covering hard backed journals using wrapping paper adding ribbon ties and finishing with a cut out flower toning with the wrapping paper on front.
Other items could be made this way like Cards, lampshades, vases, even walls. It would be a good idea to start with a kit. Helen donated her pot for a future raffle.
The competition of a hand made craft item was won by Denise Woods with her embroidered panel, joint second was Anne Bisson with a covered box and Brenda Randall with a cushion. Voting by coins raised £2.95. Refreshments were provided by Pat Ditchfield and Pam Modlen.
Julie Scurfield
The next WI meeting will be in the Village Hall on August 10th at 8pm.
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Flamstead Millennium Fayre Hog Roast and Barn Dance
Well, all the clearing up has been done and I believe the good consensus of opinion was that the day was successful for our community.
We will not dwell on the weather -at least it didn't rain! -At the Hog roast and Barn Dance in the evening everyone who came seemed to enjoy themselves.
Overall the Fayre went very well, the Friend's of St Leonard's are very grateful to ocal businesses who contributed some very generous raffle prizes, some at the time remain unclaimed, notices have been placed relating to this in the Post office and Butchers. The Friend's of St Leonard's are also very grateful for all the help given, the stall holders and in particular Lorraine and Mandy who really entered into the spirit of things by dressing -up to do the face painting.
The author would like to mention in particular David Oswin who had a stall, the monies from which will go to financing his trip to Equador next year, this is a world challenge concentrating on conservation. In addition to him James Baldry and Drew Russell had a stall raising money for ‘Crisis for Christmas’. I understand they raised £50, -very well done!
The youth of the village played a large part and shows the variety of activities which exist for them to enjoy.
Their efforts on the day will promote their organisations and help our community in the village of the year competition.
My grateful thanks to the ladies of St Leonard's who at the last moment produced a cake stall. When the next "Fayre" comes round the organisers will have a tea tent to go with the cakes, it was really missed.
Finally the Tug-of-War went well the Spotted Dog emerged winners defeating the club and Three Blackbirds but losing to the children in a pull-off just for fun, which is what the fayre is about.
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Church Doors
As we reported at the end of the restoration work, the west doors in the tower have been limewashed, so that they are white. Some people have commented that this is unsightly.
However, it is the case that limewashing is a preservative and the colour will gradually fade to a soft silver-grey.
Unfortunately when dealing with a very old building, we have to accept a long time-scale - so be patient. It is for the long term benefit of the doors.
Please Note: Photograph taken in October
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