Scarecrow Festival - August 2007

1st:No.3 - Wallace and Gromit - Mr Terry Wybrow, Long View Hollybush Lane
Wins a free night's accomodation at the Holiday Inn.

2nd:No.10 - Summer Dog Days - The residents of Trowley Heights
Wins a meal for 4 at the 3 Blackbirds

3rd:No.5 - Scarey Scare Crows - Mr Leonard D'Silva, 103 Trowley Hill Road
Wins a 50 voucher to spend at Majestic Trees

4th:No.12 - Shetland Grand National - Mrs Gill Spraggs, Trowley Bottom Farm

5th: No.25 - The Flying Witch - Mr Andrew Sutton, Clanellan, Delmar Eend Lane

6th: No.1 - Don't Drink and Fly - Mrs Brenda Tibbs, 15 Vicarage Gardens

7th: No.26 - The Kiss - Mrs Helen Lincoln, Penn Lodge, River Hill

8th: No.84 - Shriek - Mr Roy Lambden, Pound Farm, Trowley Hill Road

9th: No.6 - The King and the Tweenies - Mrs Pam Minall, 35 College Close

10th: No.69 - Your Fired - Mrs Alison Downes, 40 Trowley Hill Road
A big thank you to all the people who came and supported the festival over the weekend and who voted. We hope you enjoyed yourselves! Please tell your friends and come back next year.
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