Rose Village - June 2001
The Rose Society wants to celebrate the Queen's Jubilee by having many Rose Villages and we are the first or front-runner. The roses are being donated and all we have to do is plant them and look after them. Five sites were initially been picked out and prepared, with some difficulty. The varieties, see them on the PC website, have been selected and were planted on the weekend of 23/24 June 2001. Apparently there are going to be lots available but initially for those that live in the conservation area of the village.
In the Autumn there will be even more for every one's front garden, also we will have large beds in other parts of the village i.e. Watling Street, Trowley Bottom, Vicarage Gardens, College Close, Pie Gardens etc.
The images below were taken just as the helpers were finishing work (well done to those who turned out!). Hopefully I will have some better images as the summer progresses and the roses bloom.
Church Yard Entrance to Vicarage Gardens
Entrance to College Close Church Yard
Friendless Lane by entrance to car park

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