Presentation of
'Hertfordshire Village of the Year 2001'
Award - September 2001
Some of the people who did all the hard work
and the certificates to go with the award
The award in all its glory
(We won
Herts Village of the Year West
and Herts Overall)
On the junction of
Delmarend Lane and Singlets Lane
Early morning preparations Villagers being to assemble
Even more arrive ...... until there was quite a crowd
Introductions everybody who was interested is ready
Starting the presentation first of many speeches
and congratulations
Unveiling the award off to the village hall for a bash
.... and more speeches
Celebration cake by a villager first of the indoor speeches
and congratulations
Presentation of certificates
Last of the speeches ...and the plaque to be hung in the village
Cutting the cake.
Well done to all involved
Full details can be found
in the October version
of the village mag

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